Environmental Policy

We supply quality products and services. This requires the commitment of everyone working in this company to pursue our activities safely, protecting our health and preserving the environment. In support of this commitment we will:

  • Establish and review periodically our environmental goals seeking continual improvement.

  • Comply with legal requirements pertinent to our industry and with the requirements of other initiatives we enter into in accordance with our commitment to offer quality and value-added products and  services.

  • Review laboratory and manufacturing processes to ensure safety and quality standards are being met without risk to environment or risk to workers’ health.

  • Operate the laboratory and manufacturing plant with a minimum of waste, in current and future operations.

  • Pursue our work with a minimum of disturbance to our neighbors and the community.

  • Minimize consumption of fuel and their emissions to the atmosphere by utilizing the most effective and efficient transportation methods.

  • Manage chemical products safely, principally to prevent spills in their storage and transport.

  • Strive to meet all Federal, State and local Municipality Environmental Guidelines with respect to responsible Environmental stewardship as well as meeting OSHA Standards. This includes the safe and responsible disposal of expired or Out-of-Spec ingredients and finished products, and all Safety requirements for our employees and Partners.