Quality Assurance

Colibri promotes and supports a quality program that ensures consistent overall results.

Lot Number Control System

All materials are controlled and tracked through the computer system by individual lot number. This begins with raw material receiving through finished product shipping and provides complete trace-ability of production.

ERP Software System

Colibri utilizes state of the art industry specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERP is an end-to-end integrated solution covering Accounting, Inventory, Production, Planning, Purchasing, Sales, Orders, Distribution and R&D. 

Raw Material Standards & Inspection

All raw materials must have a specification and target acceptable range that is documented through writing, digital photograph and/or physical sample. This ensures that any supplier issues are discovered and dealt with before materials leave our receiving dock.

Finished Product Mix

The same inspection procedures apply at the compounding stage. Finished fragrance and flavor samples are retained by lot number and also submitted to the perfumer for approval for each new product start-up or as requested. No lot number may be released for the next production phase unless cleared by Quality Assurance as noted in the computer.


Colibri is supported by a 1,800 square foot laboratory that includes a range of analytical instruments including a gas chromatograph. It is run by a principal with 10+ years experience at Procter & Gamble. The team ensures that Colibri’s exacting specifications are met precisely and consistently.

FDA & EPA Registration

Colibri Scentique’s manufacturing facility is a EPA and FDA (OTC) registered facility.


At Colibri, we understand that creating innovative fragrances is an asset only if those creations can be authentically and efficiently scaled-up in manufacturing. Colibri’s manufacturing team skillfully manipulates the unique fragrance products created in our labs and produces them in quantities that meet and exceed quality and reliability standards.

Colibri manufactures fragrance and flavors solely in the United States.